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Title:High Pressure Pump ID:42315513116

-Smooth flow and quiet operation for up to 5 fixtures
-Designed to fulfill the water pressure requirements for the majority of recreational vehicles
-Smooth flow from 0.7 gpm to 2.9 gpm(2.6 to 11.0 lpm)
-Built- in pulsation Eliminator to reduce the cycling and noise
-No need for an accumulator tank.
-Runs dry and self-primes to 9ft.(3m)
-Easy to install, winterize and service.

Model Volts Open Flow Pressure Amps @ Strainer
dc lpm on / off 10 psi (0.7 bar) Included
DP-60 12Vdc 5 60psi 8 NO
DP-80 12Vdc 4.5 80 psi (5.6 bar) 9 NO
DP-100 12Vdc 3.8 100 psi (7.0 bar) 11 NO
DP-120 12Vdc 3.3 120 psi (8.4 bar) 11.8 NO
DP-160 12Vdc 5 160 psi (11.2 bar) 10 NO

1 Motor  
2 connecting shaft Oscillating board  
3 Front cover   
4 Diaphragm
5 Conical Valve 
6 Pressure body   
7 Center Conical valve 
8 Pump body   
9 Screw